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Establishment of Company
Starting up at 1988, Wonderbar Decoration established as a small firm, providing interior & furniture design service, crafting custom-made all kind of wooden furniture for residential, commercial & public places.

In 1997, it incorporated as Private Limited Company, named as Wonderbar Production Sdn. Bhd. – as an export-oriented office furniture manufacturer. Dedicated in producing fine finishing office furniture, Wonderbar was being distinguished by its product uniqueness and integrity business practices, its products were distributed across Asian, Europe, African continents.

Wonderbar Production Sdn. Bhd. had renamed as Reaim Furniture Sdn. Bhd. in 2008, it continued its effort in product design which developed by the in-house R&D Department.

With experience and design talents in interior & furniture design, Reaim developed range of product lines that focus on its extendibility which allows user to expand the work space & storage with compatible product when business growth.

Dedicate to deliver competitive high quality office furniture solutions that serve the needs of diversified market.

To develop comprehensive, value-added & highly practical office furniture solutions that meets the demands in global context and to become the leading office furniture manufacturer in Asia.

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